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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko

Adam Martyn Ewings

360° Around Your Fear

Leslava: Hello. How are you?

I am not bad, thank you.

Leslava: Tell me about yourself. When were you fascinated by photography? What prompted you to this?

I was interested in photography in my late teens. But started really getting into it in my mid 20’s.

Leslava: Who saw your first horror photos? Can you judge the nature and personality of the photographer by the pictures?

First ones to see them were the people out with me posing the shots. No, you can never judge a book by its cover or a photographer by his pictures.

Leslava: What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D5000. And Samsung Gear 360. And now purchased the Ricoh Theta V

How did the idea of 360 come about? I can only assume that this was motivated by a desire to strengthen the emotionality of photography and to involve audience into the action.

Yes I am a person that likes to look for new ways for people to interact with my content. A simple photo is straight on. And there is nothing wrong with that hence I still take them but I wanted to create an atmosphere where they have to look around.

Leslava: Were there any cases when people experienced phobias and dared to look their fears in the eyes during a photo session? Where do you find your models? Can you tell the story of creating one of the pictures?

Not really everyone that has come out on a shoot has always enjoyed it. Couple of the girls didn’t like being out in the dark. But then again. You do sleep with your eyes closed lol

All my models are close friends.

During my night shifts I would think constantly about ideas while I work. Speak to friends see who are free in the week to do photos. And then plan. Meet up on my days off or straight from work a lot of times. Have a coffee and catch up. Then pack up all what i need for the shoot or shoots depending if we go to more than 1 location. Head out and enjoy the day . Some times if I travel a long distance for a new location I will have to come up with ideas for a shoot when I get there on the spot.

Leslava: What do you feel when you are in the process of shooting?

It feels great once I’ve got there and setting up. Once you get your flow on lol.

Leslava: What can you say about modern trend of the killer clowns? Are they more popular?

Well it’s mixed views really. Some people are bored of it. And some people love the fear.

Leslava: How do you feel about criticism? I am sure that you have enough criticism, taking into the account the genre in which you are shooting.

Yes of course you will always get good and bad feedback. That’s the part you except of being a creator. I mean there probably is still a big percentage thinking. All these followers he must have lots of money and big budgets. They don’t know that it’s still all out of my own pocket. But with my own budget I do try and create content that people can appreciate in this genre. But good or bad. Love to all the followers. It means so much to me to have you all here.

Leslava: Did you take part in any exhibitions?

If you mean like live show or stalls then no I havn’t. Well not yet.

Leslava: Which picture can you call qualitative?

Would say there is quite a few . I would leave that question for all the followers to answer

Leslava: Do you have any idea which you cannot embody, but really want?

Of course I’ve got or had ideas that would be tоo expensive to achieve. But saying that I will always keep thinking about alternative ideas that would be the same or similar to create. If not will save it for another time

Leslava: What are your favorite horror movies and what are you afraid of?

I have to many favorite horror films. I can’t pinpoint one. They are all great in their own way

Can’t say I am afraid of anything at this time

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