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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


Leslava: Thank you for taking the time. This year you will please the fans with a new album. Tell about it, about the idea and about the genre. 2 years ago we discussed BlackPath thrash / death with you with the influence of black. What are you experimenting this time?

-V-Rex: helloooo :) well, this time I guess was having a more straight edge approach to the music itself. Not thinking too much about the genre, just playing whatever came to mind and I ended up with a coupple of songs that was pretty ok, so I used them as a template for all of the songs really. I think it is more fast paced kinda music this time. Keeping up the intensity and I simplified the riffing to make it fit my singing. We are still operating in the thrash/death/black genre more or less. But all in all, it turned out to be satisfying. On this album I am also doing everything, the vocals, guitars, bass and drums..

Leslava: Where are the boundaries of your creativity and expression? What won’t you show in music and on a stage?

-V-Rex: I don’t have any boundaries really, maybe the tempo cause some songs should have been a bit faster, but in a studio setting it is ok to just keep a steady pace and live turn it up a notch or 6. My new drummer is way better than me at this tempo stuff and blastbeats is his thing, so live we do speed things up, making the songs even more intense. I am creative almost 24/7 but it is a bit on and off in periods.

Leslava: Do you plan a tour in support of the album?

-V-Rex: Yes we are going on a small Norwegian tour this september/October to promote the album, and we are going to the UK and EU as well for some dates, so we are all prepared for some good live performances this year. It is about time, the band has been on a long break so to speak. I was even about to put Arvas on ice for good, but I felt I could’nt... So we are back. New songs, new set lists and new musicians and this line up is solid so we will keep on going.

Leslava: How about lyrics? Still in collaboration with Satan? ;-)

-V-Rex: Indeed, somethings never change, only nowdays I have bit more mature approach to all this. But for sure, alot of occultism and these small strories.

Leslava: We program our reality by ourselves. For some people, the demons are so real that they cause very real fear and horror. And after the centuries-old religious stories about the Devil, you can turn gray with fear. Do you think demonophobia is relevant in our time? Would you sell your soul to the Devil (if it were real)?

-V-Rex: People do believe in the craziest things so nothing surprises me anymore haha :) I would sell my soul to the Devil anytime, absolutely.

Leslava: Night, you woke up from a strange noise and went into the kitchen. There is a demon standing there. What is he and your reaction? He is terrible with horns like in fairy tales or maybe there was just a mirror or ....?)))

-V-Rex: Hmmm hahah, well, I would have offered him a beer :) I am not really afraid of this, I think it would have been too bizarre and akward to really be afraid of, and at the same time amusing somehow.

Leslava: Anything further you’d like to add?

-V-Rex: Well, thanks for the attention and if you are in Norway in September/October, make sure to come see us or have a drink with us. We don’t bite :)

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