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Interview answers with Ugrevatov Vladimir, one of the band’s founders

Leslava: Hello. How are you? It is pleasant to see the revival of veterans. Especially, when it’s your compatriots who play death-metal. Tell us about the history of your band.

The band was organized in autumn of 1993 in Kharkov. The initial band consisted of Vladimir Ugrevatov (guitar) and Roman Hnykin (drums). First rehearsals were held at home. In winter of 1993, the second guitarist Bilyurka Vlad (guitar) joined the band and in this lineup we worked on the material. In March 1994, we began rehearsing at the rehearsal place, which was in school, and in summer we moved to the house of pioneers. In June of this year Sidorenko Yuriy (vocal) joined the band. In July we moved to a new place which was located in the basement of the hostel on Khalturina St., there was a great atmosphere and a good sound.

By the end of summer we already had three fantastic tracks in our repertoire. In autumn the rehearsals were already stable twice a week for 3 hours. We were literally torn into pieces with pleasure what we were doing. In November 1994, we already had 4 tracks ready. At the end of December of the same year, we were invited to a festival that took place in the cultural centre KOMMUNAR. 6 or 7 bands took part in this concert, I do not remember exactly, a week before the festival we lost a vocalist, actually we couldn’t find him and we didn’t know where he was, so we had to replace him with another vocalist at this concert (Oleg Vodovozov). And our poor vocalist got to hospital and didn’t tell us anything, well, we found out it after the concert. The concert had a great success; everyone received great pleasure from this concert, both musicians and fans.

In early 1995, we had to part with Vladik Bilyurka and Yuriy Sidorenko. In summer of this year, new musicians Vitalik Kolesnik (vocal) and Gennady Hlybov (guitar) were invited and YURIY SIDORENKO returned to the band but already as a bass player. With this lineup in December 1995, we gave a concert at the Kharkiv club.

From 1996 to 1998 there were changes in the lineup, but we did not stop and continued to make new material and give concerts. During this period there were performances in Kharkov, Sumy, Kupyansk, Alchevsk.

Performance in Alchevsk in this lineup (September 1998) was the last. After strong quarrels and misunderstandings the band had to come to an end. But for the finale we finished the album in 1998, and it was released in 1999 in Kiev at the studio MOON RECORDS.

In 2008-2009, there were attempts to breathe new life into the band but they were not very successful, we just couldn’t collect the full lineup of the band. But during this time, 3 new tracks were made. One song was recorded and posted on our page (the model) — 2015. In 2014 we decided to assemble the band with new members. During this time we were writing new material, but the complete lineup of the band was only possible in September 2016. This lineup has been working for today. On February 12, 2017 we gave the first concert after a 19 year break.

Current band composition:

Oleg Leonidov — vocal

Vladimir Ugrevatov — guitar

Alexander Litovchenko — guitar

Alexei Murzich — bass

Vladimir Belotserkovsky — drums

Leslava: How comfortable is it to work with a new team, when you play in other projects?

It’s quite comfortable to work with a new lineup, it’s not always possible for everyone to be present at the rehearsals, well this does not affect the overall picture of the creative process.

In general, the band is worthy. Only I play in one band, other members participate in other groups as well.

Leslava: Who from the legends of the world scene, such as Cannibal Corpse, inspires your band?

In our band everybody has different preferences, you cannot say exactly. I, for example, listen to from rock to brutal metal, I am not a fan of just black metal, except death-black, and the guys listen to death and doom and black and new fashion extreme genres. Almost everybody likes bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE and IRON MAIDEN. There is no sense to list all bands. In the modern world there are a lot of genres and bands, but in fact I think there are not a lot of worthy bands. We do not pretend to be gods either. We try to make interesting music in our opinion, but you already draw conclusions, whether you like our creativity or not.

Leslava: As far as you know from your page in VK, Bleeding is actively working on new material. And everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the vocals and music ‘‘My Suffering Soul’’ When is the album planned to be released? Who is working on the design of the cover?

Work on the material is in full swing, we have about 10 new tracks. Now we started recording at the studio, we plan to record 5 tracks so far, and then we’ll see. In this year, all 5 tracks, I think, you will be able to hear, but a full album of 10 tracks will be is we luck changes. We still think about the design of the cover.

Leslava: What is the creation of music for the band: thorough process or following your feelings?

In our band writing the material is the following of your feelings, I think so. We always strive not for the quantity but for the quality of the written material.

Creativity in our opinion is a very important aspect.

Leslava: At what next festival are you planning to play a new album?

Material from the new album, we have repeatedly presented in 2017 for our listeners at rock clubs in Kharkov. Now we are actively performing in Kharkov. In summer we plan to perform at a major Ukrainian festival, but we do not know exactly where it will be yet.

Leslava: Are there any grandiose plans for the band that are not being implemented yet?

Of course there are plans: to release a bunch of cool material, to give performances with evil brand bands and not only in Ukraine.

Leslava: With what can you compare death-metal? Does the genre of metal you play affect on your character?

To compare death-metal, I do not even know with what? Maybe — power, hurricane, evil! In a word, cool music!! Not everybody will listen, or even play death metal, such a person must be born and love this genre, in a word, not for the sluts! I hardly think about character. In my opinion, such music is heard and played by quite adequate people in general.

Leslava: Do you like horror movies? What are you afraid of?

I do not like horror films, I like mysticism more. In my opinion, horror movies are for children. In the last 10 years I like to watch comedies, war films, historical ones. I’m not afraid of anything in this life. I do not like surprises and uncertainties. Well, these jokes usually come from a weak half of the females.

Leslava: Finally, a couple of words to your fans.

I wish all our fans to wait for the release of our new material, attend our performances as often as possible, support us in any way, and we in turn will try not to disappoint you! Hello everyone and many thanks that all this time you are with us! We are waiting for everyone at our concerts!!!

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