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Coulphobia "Evil Clown"

‘‘What a terrible headache! I swear by God that if it hurts another couple of hours — I’ll smash this city apart! ‘‘— I pressed my hot head as if trying to put 2 pieces together. I had a mist and I rubbed my eyes with my hands. The muddy earlier shadow figure became more distinct. Slim shoulders appeared from a bloody sweatshirt. I leaned over the dead body of a young girl. Probably she was not even 20 years old. My suit was irretrievably spoiled. No, I would wash blood stains off — it’s not the first time, my mother was good not only at reading prayers, but also in laundry. I often got a slap in the head and her lamentations for my dirty knees and not washed out stains. ‘‘Remember, you dolt, you must be before the eyes of the Lord pure not only in spirit and body, but also in appearance.’’ ‘‘Dolt! Goddammit! ‘‘ — these were rags, otherwise my pants could not be called. Now it is necessary to turn around and have time to sew a new clown’s working costume, so as not to lose my work. And my weekend is running out! Where did the time go? Oh, but my headache is calming down. ‘‘Naive J ... I. Just a moment, what did your mother call you? Look, I cleaned your badge. Is not it wonderful? Yes, now you are not afraid of me, you have such a calm look. Do not think, I’ll be careful not to spoil your hair. Now, look, I cut off just a couple of your strands. Shh, do not worry, everything is fine already, dear. Quiet, quiet. I will protect you from the rain. Quiet, quiet. You’ll be found in the morning.’’

So or a little differently, a movie about the next killer-killer could begin.

The term ‘‘Coulphobia’’ has appeared relatively recently. It appears in a panic attack, shortness of breath and intermittent heartbeat. Some people experience excessive sweating and nausea. In the body, adrenaline rises. The feeling of fear has no logical and rational explanation. This fear is not instinctive and not prescribed in our genes. Today in big cities we need to learn to fear more accidents than poisonous spiders. Our training takes place in a biologically limited space. For the next turn, we can wait for a drunk driver driving, drug addiction, poor-quality food, a culture of consumption in general, a deteriorating ecology...clowns.


The longer you peer into the face of smiling clown, the more he becomes sinister. Exaggerated face features or body parts, loud laugh, sharp gestures are not always perceived with a smile on the face. Often, on the subconscious level, such person causes fears because of his antisocial behavior and seems to be mentally unhealthy person. As if he is in an invisible hat, hidden from the eyes of people with a large amount of makeup, wig, baggy clothes, the clown is free to behave with surrounding people in the way that he likes. From a clumsy joke and mockery to murder with an ax in his hand.

It is thanks to contemporary scriptwriters we owe the popularization of Coulrophobia these days. This phobia has originated since ancient times, continued its development at the time of Edgar Po’s «Hop-Frog», established after series of murders by John Wayne Gacy, has gained unprecedented spread over the past 40 years in cinematography and art.

Evil spirits and people with a clown mask on their faces more often cause trembling hearts not only of children, but also of adults, bringing them to a state of panic. Just in the last year, we have witnessed an excellent screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It”, the 7th season of ‘‘American horror story’’, ‘‘Clowntergeist’’, ‘‘Circus Kane’’ and ‘‘Cabin 28’’, which have been replenished with an already impressive list of killer clowns. It is only necessary to open Wikipedia.

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