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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


Tenebrath - Vocals / Strom - Guitars / Severoth - Bass / Kraken - Drums

Leslava: Hello. Thank you for finding the time for answering some questions. Tell us about how the group was formed and why the focus is on horror?

Hello! You are welcome!

The group was formed in summer of 2011. Probably, as in most cases, it was created under the influence of alcohol :). We were chatting, drinking beer, and we came up with idea to create a band, despite the fact that at that time, almost every one of us were playing in other bands and we already had big experience of performing on stage.

At that time, as well as it is now, I was strongly inspired by horror films about exorcism and exorcism story of Anneliese Michel. So I did not leave this topic without attention in my lyrics and our live performances.

So in this way we joined the prefix «Horror» to our team.

Leslava: What is the most important thing you want to convey to the audience?

That the Devil is inside us from our birth until our death. The only thing we should do is to accept it.

Leslava: What are you working on now? Should we wait for a surprise in 2017-2018 something like «Let us go»?

At the moment, we have the material on half of the album. The material itself differs slightly from our early things - it is more occult and atmospheric. Therefore, we can say that there will be a couple of tracks in the spirit of «Let us go!»

Leslava: What do you think is happening at the modern Ukrainian metal scene?

In my opinion, now there are good bands, good sound. But at the same time many of them are deprived of identity and ideology. The result is that for young bands it is much harder to approve themselves on the stage than for the bands that have already done it from the positive side.

But in general, Ukrainian metal scene is growing slowly but surely.

Leslava: What is your attitude to Norwegian black metal scene.

It certainly influenced on us as musicians and the fans of extreme music. But personally I was more influenced by the Swedes.

Leslava: With what band would you like to perform together on the same stage?

Septic Flesh

Leslava: Как вы относитесь к религии в современном мире?

Religion is nothing! Faith is everything!

Religion was originally created in order to control people and keep them on a chain. Faith is primeval. But like any faith, it should help man to develop, not degrade.

Leslava: What are your favorite horror movies and what are you afraid of?

It makes no sense to be afraid of anything; you need to force your fear.

As for the horror movies, they are «The Exorcist,» «Hellraiser (1-3)», I would also like to mention the movie «The Prophecy», although it can hardly be added to the category of horror. And in general I sometimes like to watch movies about zombies and vampires.

Leslava: What would you like finally to say to your fans?

Support Ukrainian metal scene!

Teach Children To Worship Satan!

Hail The Demons Inside!

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