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Обновлено: 17 июл. 2020 г.

‘‘God’s Gun’’ was established in April 2016 by Yevhen Kravchenko. Eugene finally decided to turn into reality his long-standing ideas and dreams in music. He decided to do that after leaving Kharkov Sympho/Black Metal band ‘‘ELDERBLOOD’’, which at that time has achieved considerable success and where Eugene was under his stage name Topheth.

Leslava: tell me why you left the ‘‘ELDERBLOOD’’ and decided to create your own band?

In ‘‘ELDERBLOOD’’ there are undoubtedly talented musicians. The founders of this band are Astargh and Odalv, widely known for long involvement in the world famous band ‘‘NOKTURNAL MORTUM’’. But beyond the professional relationship there is also the human component. Probably the second thing was the reason why we have stopped our cooperation. We did not quarrel, we shook hands and said goodbye. When playing in ‘‘ELDERBLOOD’’ and many other bands such as ‘‘GURGABS’’ and ‘‘RICHI KOLYUCHIY’’, I gained the necessary experience and also before my ideas never took roots anywhere. All bands had already formed their own music, mood and leaders of bands were dictating the rules of the game.

«Much learning does not teach insight».

Leslava: In order to take two steps forward, you must first take a step back. So you did. From black metal you went back to Death. How was a new band creating? Who helped you to realize your dream?

At the initial stage I received very great help from Igor Zuyev, with whom we had played together in ‘‘ELDERBLOOD’’. He had played under the stage name Hagalth and had left band a few months earlier. In this way my first steps were made in the creation of new round of my musical activities. There was no question about the members of the band, since we didn’t have the material to work with. There were only ideas, desire and boundless love for music. For heavy music! But I personally didn’t want to back to black metal, although later many ideas for riffs were taken from Black Metal, that you can hear in our songs. My eternal passion has always been only Death Metal, in the framework of which we began to form the material.

First songs were written with creative and moral support of Igor Hagalth Zuev. During creation of the material we started searching for musicians for full lineup. For bass we invited my old friend Oleg Voronov, who had played in the famous Kharkov Death Metal band ‘‘DEFORMAD’’.

Then there was the most difficult - to find a drummer. And this time, I caught a break! Well-known in Kharkov and beyond drummer Volodymyr Bilot-serkovskyi called me. Due to his huge experience and years spent on the stage, he had played in considerable number of bands of various directions ranging from the classic Heavy Metal to Core and Djent, and ending with Rap musiс. In our area he is best known as the drummer in such bands as ‘‘DEFORMAD’’ and ‘‘TO MURDER DRIVE’’.

Thus the lineup was sufficiently full and we rapidly started our rehearsals. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, Igor and Oleg could not continue to work with us. Into place of Igor Hagalth Zuev I invited Serhii Makarov as a guitarist. He had played under the stage name Barkasth in Black Metal band ‘‘SARGATHANAS’’ and then on its pieces he created the band with name ‘‘BARKASTH’’.

For a long time Serhii also was a drummer, and then a guitarist in the famous Ukrainian Hard Rock band ‘‘GREEN MILES’’, whose records you still can hear on the radio. And into place of Oleg Voronov I invited Dmitry Melnik as a bassist. He was a bassist and vocalist in one of the oldest Kharkov Metal band — ‘‘GURGABS’’. They played Death Metal. I still remember when I was 15 years old I came to their rehearsals. I just bought my first guitar and was learning the basics of Extreme music, and the guys were already past masters at it even 10 years ago! I was sitting, listening and dreaming that I wanted to play the same kind of music with these dudes! After 6 years, I was very surprised when my long-standing wish came true and I was in this band as a guitarist. This is the time — one of the warmest memories of my entire musical career! In general with this composition ever since it has been approved by 100%.

Leslava: Your band stands up even only with name in the Death metal — stage. Tell us about your choice.

At the suggestion of V. Bilotserkovskyi the group was called ‘‘GOD’S GUN’’. Some jokers and devil idolaters immediately begin to joke that with this name the band plays some Christian Rock. In fact it is not so. To characterize the name, mood, music and lyrics of our band in general, it is sufficient to quote the famous Ukrainian film director, writer and screenwriter Alexander Dovzhenko:

«God is in human. He exists or he doesn’t exist. But complete his absence is a big step back and down. In future people will come to him. Not to the pope, of course, not to the parish. But to holy thing in themselves. To the beautiful».

This phrase has all the spirit that is in the idea of our band ‘‘GOD’S GUN’’: do not hide behind the prayers and God’s forgiveness. Do not justify your action by higher forces, but look into your soul, see yourself real, without pathos and others imposed habits. Have the courage to plead guilty and demand the same from others. God is not the biblical writings. This is the spiritual wealth that is in human. This is inner ‘‘I’’. Not that ‘‘I’’ that makes people selfish and hypocritical. Everyone is God for himself. The poorer person is spiritually, the less beautiful he is inside. And even if he is a genius, neither quoting the Bible, nor quoting the greatest philosophers of the past and present by heart enrich his inner world and give him wisdom! This information just merely settles in his brain and will not bring into his life any useful changes.

In this regard, I always like to recall a phrase of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: "

Much learning does not teach insight".

Leslava: I am looking forward to your first album. When will we hear it?

Now at full speed we record the material at ‘‘Viter Music Studio’’. Years of experience and huge knowledge base of our sound engineers help us in creation of this album. Thanks so much to them for that!

Along with the recording we’re looking for a label for producing of our album and we are planning to shoot a video clip for the song ‘‘Key to the God’s Gun’’, ,which you can already listen to. All secrets I will not open yet, but I can only say that it must be a phat action!

Leslava: After recording the album are you planning to go on tour?

I cannot tell you anything about the concerts yet, because the situation in our country towards live music, or at least extreme style is deplorable... We really want to play, and especially for our compatriots, but unfortunately at the moment it is profitable only at big festivals.

After the release of album we are planning to gladden with live concerts our foreign listeners as well! As for the rest we follow the schedule and prepare to delight the audience with heavy guitar sound, new riffs, melodic solos and powerful growl interspersed with scream!

So see you on the big stage!

Leslava: What do you think about religion?

My attitude to religion, I think, is clear on the basis of what I have told before. I am extremely skeptical about religion, but not radical. More passive. People can believe if they need it. For example, I do not need it very much.

Leslava: Do you like horror movies?

I do not really like horror movies, but sometimes I can watch. Perhaps, my favorite horror movie is ‘‘Cabin in the Woods’’.

Leslava: What are you afraid of?

Night forest creates the biggest panic for me. Perhaps, it is the influence of horror movies, but when I find myself alone in some wilderness, I start to see something strange!

Thank you.

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