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Обновлено: 17 июл. 2020 г.

From the moment of conception, StitchWitchDolls resided deep inside Jennifer Sujkowski’s blackened heart. It all began in the fall of 2012, that’s when StitchWitchDolls was born and I decided to paint my first dolls. I am drawn to the darker side of life in general... my dolls are given their own style of corpse paint or other styles of paint of a dark nature...

Jennifer Sujkowski

Leslava: What started you to like horror?

I always been intrigued with horror for as long as I can remember.... Maybe watching many horror movies as a child could of planted that seed...

Leslava: How did you find your calling?

Couldn’t tell you... Just like flipping on a light switch on... One day I woke up in the fall of 2012 and started to paint... I never had art training or study art in school...

Leslava: What’s most important for you in your dolls?

The most important thing about my dolls and statues is their eyes... Eyes are the last thing I work on when I’m painting... It is amazing how the doll looks after I finish the eyes... The doll almost looks like it has a soul after the eyes are done....

Leslava: With what materials do you like to work?

Usually I just like to paint over Porcelain dolls and statues... I use acrylic craft paint and brushes...

Leslava: Do you sew costumes for dolls by yourself?

The dolls I choose to paint over.... I try to get a doll whose clothes I like already... because they are already dressed... I am not into sewing clothes (just sewing Dead stuff hahaaa)

Sometimes I will make alterations to the existing clothes. Such as dyeing the fabric black. Or I will give the doll a jewelry accessory like rosary beads and unholy charms....

Leslava: What an ideal working environment for you?

I like to be comfortable when I paint... So most the time I paint, I’m on the couch in my living room...

Leslava: Favorite movies and bands?

‘‘Sleepaway Camp’’ is and has been my favorite movie of all time... The first made ‘‘Sleepaway Camp’’ movie, I like the most out of the 4.... But I do enjoy them all.. And I would have to say, Valkyrja, is my favorite band... I really seem to enjoy music from the black metal genre... Most bands I love hail from Sweden or Norway...

Leslava: Are you a religious person?


Leslava: What do you think about religion?

I don’t... I think religion of any kind is evil and is used to control and brainwash people.

Leslava: Where do you expose your works?

Facebook and Instagram...I go by StitchWitchDolls... I don’t have a website...

Leslava: Do you organize any horror master classes?


Leslava: How can someone buy a doll or piece from you?

If interested in getting a doll or one of my works, you would just have to check out my Artist Page on Facebook, StitchWitchDolls, to see if I have anything available for sale... I do not take custom orders...I paint when I feel like it and then I post pictures of my work as I finish them on my StitchWitchDolls page...

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