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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


Leslava: Thank you for taking the time to interview. What is going on in Horna and Sargeist after Unbound? Maybe you are preparing a surprise for the fans?

Currently both bands are actively playing live shows as it’s been for years now. Our next recordings with Horna will begin quite soon for a new album release.

Leslava: For such a long time, Horna still maintains its traditions and does not lose its relevance. Tell us about significant events for the band.

What can I say? The only goal I ever had with the band was one day to release an album and this goal was fulfilled already over 2 decades ago.

For now the missionary pleasure is to spread the horned gospel all over the world, declaring the lord’s decree is what drives Horna onwards.

Leslava: Who owns your soul, enveloped in a black flame?

If the master does not, eternity will.

Leslava: What is satanism for you against the backdrop of world religions, fighting for primacy? Freedom? Sanity? Is it one or does it have divisions in it?

Satanism is the freedom of will and freedom from common morality, unchained from the boundaries and expectations of prevailing dogma and norms, as well as the spiritual force of universal energy, unlimited and chaotic

Leslava: Horna, like Sargeist — the release of demonic energy. Where the demons are, there are the “exorcists” also. In an interview, read about the harassment of antifa. Did they pray for you?

Does not matter. Send thoughts and prayers, it will strenghten our resolve.

Leslava: And if you look into the abyss for a long time, then the abyss also looks at you. What did you see in it?

You will see what you take in, it’s different for everyone whatever their burdens and virtues are. Pure black energy and darkness, toiling hot fire and wicker flames...

Leslava: Horna is one of bands who inspire me with their music, energy, aggression, visual effects. What inspires the band except the Darkness? Symbolism, should there be a hidden meaning in the text and music or should it beaten with direct text?

There is no hidden meaning, everything is laid out in the open as clear as it can be. Satan is Lord, kneel before none other, and not even before him but for him only to seek for clairvoyance on your path when its obscured.

Leslava: Where are the boundaries of your creativity and expression? What won’t you show in music and on a stage?

There is none. Anything can happen.

Leslava: What are you outside the band in everyday life?

No difference. Everyone acts and represents their true face every moment of our lives. If there was an «outside life», it would only mean your heart is not where it should be.

Tell me briefly about the cultural heritage of Finland, what myths have you absorbed?

Only the spirit of being stubborn cunts and drinking like maniacs.

Leslava: Nice to see Horna in Ukraine for 2 years in a row. What are your impressions of our young fest (Metal East)? Have you had positive impressions about Ukraine?

Metal East treated us great last year, very professional and enjoyable. We would not be returning if it had been a disaster... and Ukraine is a nice place from what have experienced, glad to be returning soon.

Leslava: What are your favorite horror movies? Can you tell a horror story in a few sentences?

Old John Carpenter classics, The Fog and The Thing for an example. I used to be into old school zombie movies alot but nowadays this whole genre is so full of boring shit I still keep returning only to the classics. I can’t even remember when I would’ve seen a really good horror movie that wasn’t made ages ago.

Leslava: What are you afraid of?

Living forever.

Leslava: Obsession with demons — myth or reality? How do you imagine the feelings of a possessed person?

Reality. Being possessed depends entirely on the demon and what it’s doing to or for you. Harness the power, ride the whirlwind.

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