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Interview with Henning Berg (Gorm) from Thyruz & Aeternus

Обновлено: 24 сент. 2021 г.

I am sincerely happy to publish interview with this busy man. His life is full of work, inspiration and my reminder of questions)))

Photo by Simen Sandvik At Garasjefestival

1. Hi. How are you? Introduce yourself pls for those who are not familiar with you

Hey everyone from Norway. My name is Henning and I am 46 years old. You know me mostly by my artist name Gorm.

I am the guitarist in the legendary Norwegian darkmetal band AETERNUS, and Im also guitarist and founder in the Blackmetal band THYRUZ.

I have played guitar since the age of 15 and have always been fascinated of the metal music genre.

Have played in a band since late 80s and formed my style around good old Metallica, Megadeath and Judas Priest.

And of course the Norwegian church burning music in the early 90s. That was a fucking crazy period...

1. I met you on Facebook about 7 years ago thanks to Thyruz music. You put a lot of effort into the project. The band has already celebrated the 20th anniversary. Tell us about the band then and after 20 years. How have you changed, what are you striving for now.

Yes I remember. You have always treat me and the band with enthusiastic and brought good feedback to us, and that we are very thankfull for.

THYRUZ started early in 1999 and rounded 22 years in this business.

Some of us in the band had alreaddy played together in many years, but we change the bandname in 1999 when we had a change in the lineup.

THYRUZ have always been blessed with members with passion for this artform and we always have energy for new inspirations.

We are still as acitve as for twenty yeas ago and THYRUZ have a new album coming up.

I dont think we have change the way we work and produce. It have always been a passion to сreate, but of course we changed mentaly.

After over twenty years in this brutal business you are getting very hard, but all the loving fans and people we meet all over the world makes us humble and soft again...

THYRUZ have always striving to produce greater music and better videos, but never to get higher status or sell more albums!

THYRUZ shared stage with many well known bands like Mayhem, 1349, God Seed, Aeternus, Ragnarok and traveled all over the world.

Still the band is classified as a small band, because of our good and bad decissions through the years.

But the band have got a certain cult status in the business, and I think we are pretty happy with that situation.

3. How is the process of recording an anniversary album? When can we hear new songs?

The THYRUZ new album "BAUTA" are finished and a couple of songs are already revealed with videos. While we are talking we are working on the third video "TRELL" (means "slave") and it will release in a couple of months.

AETERNUS are also at the end of making materials for a new album. But the virus are unpreditable and can put a delay on everything.

4. You created a lot of graphics for the band and it would be interesting to know more about you as an artist. About the work on covers.

Yes that's true. I am a painter in the old days and I love abstract art. I moved to the digital platform when THYRUZ needed coverart, banners, backdrops etc.

I learned Photoshop from scratch and slowly the graphics started to grow. I had a great hunter in my family that supplied me with animal skulls and diferent bodies, that I used in different pictures and videos.

Sadly he passed away couple of years ago. And I work as a butcher, so I use all kind of stuff from my work and blend it with digital effects. You can see a real horsehead and a sheep body on the "Diseblot" cover...

I find out that the visual art is just as important as the music and the graphics. They makes the package complete. On the new THYRUZ album you can see me sitting on a snowthrone surrounded with real pigheads and bones.

5. Which of the artists, writers, designers inspires you?

I started oil painting and was inspired of Frans Widerberg. But I am found of all kinds of art like Giger, Beksiński, Pushwagner, Tim Burton etc. The darkness spellbounds me.

6. Once I saw your Facebook photos with Aeternus. I was happy for you and pleasantly surprised. How and why did you start your collaboration with them?

Yes, thank you and I am really happy for it! I have known Ares for many years and THYRUZ played with him in the Netherlands in 2012.

Tim the old guitarist quit the band and Ares asked me if I wanted to join AETERNUS on south America tour in 2018, and I did. It was an awesome tour with TAAKE and it all was a fuckin blast!

I joined them for a couple of gigs year after and from 2019, I was asked to join them as a permanent guitarist. I love the guys and was very pleased and could not say "no" to the best musicians in the world!

I can see the suprise... Ares from IMMORTAL, GORGOROTH, Phobos from GORGOROTH and Eld from GAAHLS WYRD and me from THYRUZ....HAHAHAHA

7. What do you think about chronophobia? How do you rate time in your life? Now such a fast pace of life, is there a feeling that you will not have time to do something? I heard that in the Scandinavian countries a more measured pace of life. Maybe you have a more philosophical attitude towards it?

I rate my time with my guitar very high and try not to work beside more than I need. Sadly but I also have to work, not only playing music.

I believe that I am a boring regular person that rate time that will please me best. Sadly the world are based on money, but its necessary order in chaos. I am old enough to know that I can also by time and pleasure with it.

8. The time of coronavirus for some people was a terrific moment for the emergence of chronophobia. Others used time to implement their plans. I know that you worked a lot on new albums. Tell me more about the time in self-isolation.

Lots of gigs and tours was cancelled because of this fucking Covid-19 shit. After a long hollow period of time, you have to come up with something to keep the flame in music alive.

THYRUZ started shooting film for videos and the new album is finaly finnished. Its a quite time for all of our listeners and followers, but we work our ass off for you in silence this year. You will see credits in form of new album, videos and live streams very soon.

We are missing playing live and getting contact with our fans, so we hope for live gigs next year... but this will take time to get normal again and we cant promise nothing.

9. How was music transformed during the virus? Do bands have a new mission? People talked less live, but the music has always united and supported.

With THYRUZ we had all of the materials ready before the virus came up and for the first time we had more materials that needed. Whithout live preformance, we had better time and focus in studio.

Bands don't sell records anymore and the income are mostly based on live preformance. Without live gigs we need to come up with other options and THYRUZ will come with a livestreaming in 2021.

Several bands have big success with livestreams and why not to try it with THYRUZ. THYRUZ are very visual band and we are very exited to try it online. It will be a new experience for us, but we hope to united a bigger audience.

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