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Interview with Spellgoth

Обновлено: 23 нояб. 2020 г.

1. Hi. How are you during the situation with COVID-19? It was time to relax and watch Netflix?)

Hello! Actually my everyday life hasn’t been affected that much. Been working and relaxing. Focusing a lot on music.

2. At the last Metal East festival (2019), I was pleasantly surprised that you are also a graphic designer. What is your education? Who are you creating the design for? Who is your customer?

I have no formal education for graphic design. Gratuated from upper secondary school with good grades, went to marketing school for a while but decided that I didn’t wanna learn to stab my friends in the back (the skill you have to learn to be a proper business man according to our marketing teacher). I’ve been making designs for basically every type client you could imagine. At the moment I’ve been mostly doing music related grahic designs. Posters, cover art and layouts, shirts etc.

3. Does design help you splash out your inner world and emotions?

Depends on what I’m doing. I love doing artworks for bands and when working with clients with similar mindset I can pour my inner wisdom into the art of course. But I can be inspired even if the client is boring big business stuff. I always aim to authenticity. Not adding my own stuff to where it doesn’t belong but creating something interesting and striking.

4. Music and design affect the people who use them. Is there a certain mission in your work? What should a person get from interacting with your product?

Music reflects me as a whole. I hide nothing when working with music. With graphic stuff I do for others I have to take the clients side of course. I try to find certain aspects which interacts with my style of work and go from that.

5. Do you have your own studio or maybe you plan to open it one day?

We have proper equipment at home and rehearsal room to make professional recordings. I have no ambitions to record any other stuff than my own. As a freelancer graphic artist I also work at home.

6. Do you listen to music while working on paintings? Which one?

Well I don't paint, I work only on digital canvas. But yes, I consume a lot of music when I work. Depends really on the day and not so much what I'm working on. For example when I was working on Insomnium shirt which had a motif of St. Sebastian on front I listened to Genocide Organ and new Ulver. Could be anything from Vlad Tepes to Röyksopp.

7. Does music tours affect your work?

Not really. As working as freelance artist I make my own timetables and let the clients know early enough when I'm touring. I don't take work with me on tours as it would interfere with my mindset.

8. Do you like horror and gore art or movies? Have favorite works?

Not that much anymore. I'm more into documentaries. As a teenager used to watch some. I think Hellraiser 1-3, Dracula and Tetsuo 1-2 would be the ones I revisit from time to time.

9. Can you name 3-5 metal bands that could become the embodiment of various phobias and fears and which ones.

Burzum – Monophobia

Limbonic Art – Astrophobia

Paysage d'Hiver - Cryophobia

10. How do you feel about time and chronophobia? The moment of self-isolation became the period when time dragged on very slowly in anticipation of an even greater catastrophe.

I generally don't think much about the concept of time. I really don't live by the clock if I don't have to. I sleep when I'm tired, I eat when I'm hungry, and as a freelancer I work when I'm inspired. Age is only a number for me. Physical body dissolves along with time but that has no meaning for me. So never been chronophobic.

I never had any trouble to keep myself entertained so this pandemic has had no effect on me.

11. Time it's.... (continue pls)

...just an man made concept. Natural cycles divided in smaller pieces.

12. Thank you. The last words are yours.

Death is certain, life is not.

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