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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


Leslava: Hi. Introduce yourself and tell me what the band is doing now and about the dark scene of Hellas. I do not really know it. My first acquaintance happened after your performance with KAWIR at Ragnard Reborn in Kharkov.

Hi Alla, I am Melanaegis main member of Lykaionas responsible for the music compotition of the band handling & performing all Guitars/ Bass & Keyboards for the group. The band recently released the second full length album ‘The Diabolical Manifesto’ by Hammer of Damnation rec. on July 30th, 2018 in all formats CD, Vinyl & cassette. We’ve done one live apirience with Profanatica on 18 March at Temple, Athens Greece and we are looking forward to get in the studio again as soon as it possible to create the next opus for Lykaionas.

The Dark scene of Hellas gets bigger and stronger than ever caring the flame of the black cult alive with great releases all over the world.

Yeah i bet you didn’t know the band before Kawir’s aperience at Ragnard Reborn fest in Kharkov, i will spare a secret to you which is not known to the public (yet), last Kawir’s line up basically got completed from Lykaionas members, by Porphirion performing vocals (Also vocalist of Lykaionas, Nergal, Cult of Eibon ect.) Melanaegis on guitars (Also multi-instrumentalist of Lykaionas, bass player of Nergal ect.) & Hyperion on drums (Also member of Lykaionas, Abyssus ect.)

Leslava: The path of the left hand?

Those who associate with the left-hand path embrace it as a path of personal empowerment. In comparison, consider how most right-hand path religions or practices often work for the benefit of a Left Hand Pathgod, while the self is denied for the benefit of others. Within the left hand path, the self is the center of consciousness. It can be said that the left hand path is self serving. In right hand path practices the self is often denied in exchange for association with a higher power.

Leslava: Who owns your soul and what makes the black flame brighter?

Who owns my soul? No ones owns my soul, my soul belongs to me. Each one of us makes the black flame brighter by our actions & by spreading the massage.

Leslava: What does Satanism mean to you?

Satanism (special modern satanism this days) is another organized religion for me. What it means for me in a personal level its for me to know only & only me and you will understand & respect that if you even a little bit familiar of what the left hand path followers represent, are and belief.

Leslava: Obsession with demons — myth or reality?

I would definitely gonna say myth. Difficult to avoid Not to be obsessed with Myth’s when you born, grow up & raised in a land like Hellas.

Leslava: What is a possessed person in your mind?

Whenever that question popps up Linda Blair from the exorcist comes to my mined as stupid as it sounds.

Leslava: What does music give you? What is the most important thing in music?

Keeps my mind and thoughts stable, keeps me out of trouble & out of jail i guess, allows me to express my inner thoughts, matiriliaze them throught sound and spread them to the universe (that’s magic my friend). Music is my personal psychotherapy, helps me to develop in all kinds of levels physically and spiritually through isolation, provides me with personal Growth, Self Awareness, Spiritual Awakening ect. So as a conclusion thats also the most important thing in music for me.

Leslava: What are your life values and confines?

Do what you want to do, be what you want to be, No matter what, words Authenticity, Fearlessness, Commitment, Dedication, Development should follow your actions, actions defines Man.

Confines? What does that even mean? Hahahaha Nop nop for me

Leslava: And if you look into the abyss for a long time, then the abyss also looks at you. What did you see in her?

And if i take a look into the Abyss for a long time I would definitely going to see my self and my self gonna look back at me. I would have to deal with me, the worst opponent is yourself.

Leslava: Many bands of heavy scenes are inspired by the mythology of different countries. And this is great. Each country is unique, with its own experience, cultural heritage and gods. How do you rethink Greek mythology? Which countries mythology do you like?

I (and as everybody should do) «rethink» Greek «mythology» by turn myself to the original texts trying to live the «storys» by reading them. Greek «Mythology» its a life lesson for Humanity. Other countries which i was always fascinated with are Egypt and India.

Leslava: What is missing in modern Greek culture?

Hellas gave birth to culture all over the world and would not be able to miss something, even the word Culrure is Greek. The problem right now with Greece is Politics and Religion which does not let the people grow and develop, otherwise we have everything. The past is the only thing that the modern Greek culture missing.

Leslava: What are your favorite horror movies? The scarriest story you have heard or happened to you?

Classics such as Nosferatu (1922), Häxan (1922), Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (1922), The Brotherhood of Satan (1971), The Mephisto waltz (1971), The Touch Of Satan trailer (1971), Alucarda (1977), Horror Express (1972) and many more...

I was witness in a derailment of a train once, thats was kind of scary. I don’t know if that counts.

Leslava: What are you afraid of?

I am not allowed by my ancestors heritage to know even the meaning of the word you referring to, «Afraid» or «Fear».

So I am afraid of nothing.

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