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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


Leslava: Hello.  How are you doing?  Metal East festival gives a great chance to meet interesting people) Introduce yourself please) 

Hello! Everything is fine with me as always) Thank you for asking. Yes, I agree successfully we met!  My name is Kostya and I am the vocalist of the band MERZOTNA POTVORA.

Leslava: What can you tell about the upcoming release of the album “Halas z Pekla”?  Who is the nastiest hero of the album?)   

The album in my opinion is quite peppy.More trash and punk for me.Sounds great! Tough, uncompromising, real metal in general)).The text is unchanged. Creatures, creatures, creatures!   The most evil and treacherous character is a black cat from the song Pan Merzotnyk. Although he is not a man or a humanoid creature, and does not know how to speak, but his obedient, infernal will meekly obey!)   

Leslava: How did it all begin? Well, let’s admit, you often heard questions why you sing about nastiness, didn’t you? Why not about something good and bright.

When I was a child I heard such questions not as a performer, but as a listener.And all this became whole discussions on the topic: what are they yelling there?Nothing is clear!What a horror, etc.I didn't care.After all, I listen to Metal all my conscious life.And now nobody asks such questions.Most often they’re interested in what language I’m singing, and when I answer that in Ukrainian I hear “nothing is clear but very interesting”).Or such a reaction: “Ohhh, you're yelling cool.  Probably you are constantly losing your voice? ”))))

Leslava: Whose creativity are you inspired by?

I can’t name one individual artist, becausemy musical tastes are quite extensive.And in our band I am inspired by this “internal monster”.  When I sing, I try to sound like it).

Leslava: I saw on your page an album review from Finland.  What other countries support you?  Where are you invited to?

We in Ukraine were supported by the portal and Robustfellow label. Also Belarus showed their interest. From there we received an offer to be published on the cool label Possession Productions.  And later the owner of the Raman Biacienia label on his Bagnik Zine resource gave just a bombing review of our EP “Suča maty”.

But we key support we received from an unexpected side! I am talking about signing the contract with label from Norway, Oslo, Duplicate records. The label collaborated with black and thrash metal mastodons like DEATHHAMMER and AURA NOIR. And directly the owner of the label Einar Olav Sjurso is the drummer of the thrash metal band Inferno, and has experience working with the forefront of the musical underground of Norway. For me, this is the main marker of recognition.  Suggestions for performances came only from the Ukrainian organizers.  But live performances in the foreseeable future are not planned.

Leslava: Which market are you aiming at?  What goal do you have on the horizon?

There was no such plan as a market for selling material.We will be glad if people listen to us everywhere.  And plans for the future are quite simple, write without stopping!)

Leslava: Career and hobbies usually make their impact on everyday life.  Maybe your apartment is decorated with unusual things, or you drink coffee in the morning from the mug "Nasty morning to you."  Your band is your life, a significant part of it.  What impact does it have on weekdays?

Yes. Music and our band affects me. But not in the usual sense. I mean the worship of Satan and having the Pentagram on the neck (I have nothing against it), but  the fact that music makes it possible to fulfill oneself and grow above oneself, and this makes me happy).

Leslava: Today I'm interested in chronophobia.  What do you think about time?  Destructive or constructive?  People drown in a lack of time and add skills to run forward in the hope of catching up a missed opportunity, chance, fate.

I respect the passage of time and recognize the transience of time.I'm not afraid of that.Sooner or later everything will end.But a couple of years ago I was tired of running away headlong, I quit my rather well-paid job in order to start making music.Now I'm not in a hurry.  One way or another, I can do everything I can)

Leslava: Fear for a person is....

)))) Well, I don’t even know.For example, there is a phobia when a person thinks that a duck is watching him, and the most common fear is fear of clowns.  Everything is very situational)

Leslava: Thank you for the interview, your last words.


 THE LIGHT OF FIRE INDICATES THE WAY "(lyrics from a future album)

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