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  • Фото автораAlla "Leslava" Avramenko


These cries still do not stop, like an aspen swarm in my exhausted head. Sometimes I’m ready to tear and shred my head, if only they flew away with all their sting. I walk along the edge of the bridge that connects life and death. The only reason I’m still breathing is the will to live. I’m used to fighting for it. But, I feel that my strength is eluding me, life itself is seeping through my will, clenched into a fist. Only a dark-hearted man knows how long I can resist this thing.

It happened a couple of days ago. I stayed at work and returned home later than usual. Before my eyes on the road there was an accident. Suddenly, a jeep jumped on a collision causing death of parents and a child. Perhaps I could save the baby, but I swear by all the gods and alive and dead I saw something near the broken car.

A thick black haze, a certain shadow figure... looks like a human. On his face there is an animal’s grin and eyes, which make you trembling. I heard the cry of a wounded frightened child who most of all wanted to cuddle up to his mother and could not understand what had happened. I was scared of that creature and did not even try to save them. I dropped the gas pedal to the floor, running away from these screams. At home, I was trembling like an aspen leaf and tears rolled down my cheeks slowly. I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. The dream fell on me and I lived this accident again, this time I was in the place of the mother and could not save my child. I screamed and cried in my sleep. Fear knocked me out of sleep and tears ran down my cheeks with a stream.

In the morning I read about the death of the family on the Internet and I felt so weak that I did not go to work. All day I spent in bed, looked at the ceiling and drove away all thoughts about the accident. At sunset, I first heard a suspicious rustle. Neighbors were not at home, I knew for sure. Mouse? Over the next hour, I turned everything upside down, but I did not find the rodent. All the bedside tables and things before neatly arranged in the room now were mingled in one heap. This time the rustle began at the wall to my right, then moved to the ceiling and was tossing across the walls, causing me to feel dizzy and panic. The air in the room was a little bit muddy and I could smell burning. It seemed to me that I saw a shadow, it gleamed to my left. I was scared to death and tried to leave the apartment. I opened the locks and began to pull the handle, but could not open the door. I pulled harder, pulled all the weight on the door, but it did not help.

I slowly went down to the floor, took out my phone from my jacket pocket and decided to write down all the events of the last days. Now I’m sure that this creature noticed me on the road. If I do not survive this day, let those who find me find out the truth. Maybe ... maybe it’s her shadow that haunts me. At night, the mother’s cries and the crying of the child were repeated, the sound grew and collapsed with a snow avalanche upon my consciousness. Everything became as unreal in a dream. The sounds grew louder and louder. I screamed in pain. My head cracked at the seams and my eyes were burning. I rose from the floor with my last strength, holding onto the wall. In front of me there hung an old mirror, from which, apparently, this creature was looking at me all this time. I cannot even describe the real appearance of this loathsome creature. I heard her cry, that was not like anything before, my eyes darkened and the long-awaited silence came.

I must say that I do not believe in complete fearlessness. I do not believe when they say that they do not fear anything. Fear helped to survive a person throughout its history and it is embedded in us in the genes. Fear is an integral part of a person’s life. We acquire some phobias, others we win. So, one of the most ancient fears, the fear of darkness touches the fear of ghosts. If it is close to you, then most of the time you will experience discomfort at night. The state can worsen after mystical films and horror films, eyewitnesses’ stories and your rich imagination. Sound or shadow can acquire a mystical color; it will seem to you that you feel someone’s presence behind your back. Creepy, wrapping around your body in crowds, excitement, trembling, sweat. I like the human’s desire to understand the unknown and, who knows, maybe you are right and the ghosts are real? Try to relax and surrender to your fear. Want to meet with the inhabitants of a different world. Next time when you hear a suspicious rustle in the dark, think if is it possible that ghosts really want to contact with you? If this happens in a compartment with evidences — thousands of followers, likes and fame are guaranteed to you. But, even if you are not ready to make contact — the denial of phobia is unlikely to help you. Recognize the existence of your fear. Do not abuse horror movies, and at the moment of aggravation, be distracted by your favorite pastime and call for help with logic. Better yet, write a book about it. Take a pen and paper or laptop, sit in a cozy place and write. Describe everything that you feel and hear. The next day, add the missing beginning and end. Humorists with big imagination I advise a ghost in funny pajamas in flowers instead of being succumbed to the creeps on your back.

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