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Invigorating morning

Leslava: Hi. Introduce yourself please.

Kevin ‘Turkey’ Merck. Most folks actually call me Turkey. I’m 36 and I’ve been working with ceramics for 17 years. I’m married to the most amazing woman ever and we have three awesome kids. Besides pottery, I enjoy hanging out with my family, hunting and fishing, going to church, reading and watching movies.

Leslava: When did you touch the pottery in first time? Who is your teacher who has influenced you?

I made my first piece of pottery in 2001 and I was instantly hooked. I studied under Wayne Hewell, a fifth generation Master Potter. I also received a lot of instruction from two local potters, Jeff Standridge and Michael Purdue.

Leslava: The clay has long accompanied people and considered a sacred material, which helps to release the subconscious. What do you think about work with this material?

I enjoy the 3D nature of sculpting and the the various challenges of working with stoneware, ceramic glaze and firing.

Leslava: What do you want to say through your work?

My own personal struggles with depression and anxiety often show through my work but I don’t really try to make any statements...I just like trying to make cool stuff that other folks might enjoy.

Leslava: Do you have a favorite mug?

I typically don’t really like my work...I’m never satisfied with it but m, right now, if I had to choose, I’d probably go with the Cranky Kevin mug.

Leslava: Who are your customers and from which countries?

Since I’m located in the US most of my customers are from here but I have a lot of international customers from all around the world.

Leslava: Why do you think people like horror?

I think it’s the draw of the unknown and the ability to experience fright without any true danger...a nice little adrenaline rush without any of the ugly side effects (like death) of actually being chased by a knife-wielding maniac.

Leslava: What kind of work do you do for yourself during your inspiration?

My personal work? Everything I make is personal...that’s the joy of being an independent artist. I don’t Accept commision work because I don’t like being bound by someone else’s specific idea.

Leslava: How do you assess the future development of your work?

I typically come up with a new design and post it on social media...if the overall response is positive then I usually decide to produce that design and offer it to the public.

Leslava: Favorite horror film and what are you afraid of?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the dark.

Leslava: A few words for fans of your work.

My fans absolutely rock! They are some of he coolest and most supportive people I know. I really enjoy being to interact with them on social media account. It’s very humbling that so many people enjoy my work and I appreciate every follow, like, comment and share I get!

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